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Welcome to River Rock Goldens located in Richmond, VA near the beautiful James River. I am Tara and I have been raising beautiful Golden Retrievers for about 14 years with my daughter and a couple of the best puppy wranglers in the business, my beautiful grandchildren. Being a serious hobby/preservation breeder it is my passion and pleasure to devote myself to breeding and raising happy, healthy well adjusted and confident puppies with amazing families. I use my 25 plus years as a NICU nurse to help me with these beautiful amazing animals. My dogs are my pets and they live in my home. Every puppy born here is born and raised in my home underfoot from day 1. I do early developmental stimulation and continue to work with the puppies every day along with my family to provide the best possible puppy for your family. 

My mission in breeding Goldens is to set each family and puppy up for success from day one.

My goal in breeding Goldens is to always breed for the betterment of the breed and to the guidelines as set forth by the GRCA and AKC. 

I start every breeding with extensive research for health and temperament. I only breed my girls after they have passed clearances for Heart ( ECHO by a board certified Cardiologist DVM). Hips/Elbows after the age of 2. Eyes ( yearly by a board certified Ophthalmologist DVM), Genetic testing for diseases specific to our breed to ensure the best possible outcome for my puppies.

I am huge on communication. I want my families to know I am always available to them. I send weekly updates and tons of information and helpful tip bits up until puppies go home and once puppies go home I am always available via text or call.

I host a big open house with every litter to allow families to come and play with puppies, meet other families and of course meet with me and see the surroundings. Because this is my home I do not allow visits unless it is open house time. My "facility" is my home. I am however always available for questions or information mostly via text. 

Price for companion puppies are $4000.00  

If you would like to be considered for one of our goldens and be a part of the River Rock Family Please fill out the questionnaire and email it to me at also feel free to text or call me

804-389-9035   Please include if you are interested in a male or female



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