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Please contact us for any information about our dogs and litters.

Tara Danner 804-389-9035

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As an ethical health conscious breeder I take great time and energy in studying pedigrees to make the best decision I can in who I am breeding to and who gets bred. It is not a decision made lightly. Even in the best of circumstances health problems can occur. In a vigalent effort to reduce the chances of disease I do clearances on hip/elbow to rule out dysplasia, clear hearts of SAS with a Board Certified Cardiologist and, clear eyes and have yearly check ups with a Board Certified Opthalmologist DVM. Ethical breeders do this and breed to dogs who's owners also do this for their dogs to give the best chance for our puppies to grow up healthy and strong and be a part of your life for a long time. Having a litter is a great undertaking of time and commitment but we do it because we love the breed and want to continue to strive for continued betterment of the breed.


Our dogs live in our home with us and puppies are born in our home with us present from birth until they go off to their forever homes. Their every move and development is of the utmost important to us.


Whether you get a River Rock Golden or any other pure bred dog please do your homework and make sure all clearances: hips/elbow, hearts are done as well as eyes and eyes should be checked every year.


If you are interested in a River Rock Golden please

fill out our puppy questionnaire and email it back

to us. This helps us help you make the best

decision when choosing your puppy.

We are members of GRCA and follow their guidelines for ethical breeding.

Please support your local Golden Retriever Rescue. Every little bit counts and can help save a life.

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