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   Raising Puppies:


We take raising puppies very seriously and invest an incredible amount of time and effort into the process. Our puppies are raised in our home in their own bedroom from whelping until they are ready to go their forever home. 


Puppies are handled from the moment they are born. We start neuro-development stimulation through a program called "Bio-Sensor" or "Super-dog". 





Puppies start to eat "gruel" ( a food mush mixture) at around 3 weeks of age. Also at that time we add a potty training station in the puppy whelp/play area. This teaches puppies to go to another area to eliminate waste.

Puppies start to play and explore the outside around weeks 4-5 (weather permitting). They are introduced to more sounds, smells, and textures.

Puppies start to socialize with different people at around week 6-7 then at week 8 puppies go to the vet for first vaccines and health checks. Puppies are usually ready to go home between weeks 8-10 depending on needs of the puppies. 


Some other great resources on raising puppies: 





Puppies are wormed, vaccinated and vet checked before going home.

Vet letter of health is given to new owners at time of purchase as well as

all details reguarding wormings and vaccinations. Please see our contract

for details. 

We are strong believers in preventitive health and a good diet for your new

puppy. A Premium large breed puppy food is reccomended. We also use NuVet

antioxidants for all our puppies and dogs.




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